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About this item

  • SUPER BRIGHT: This headlamp shines bright with a 50 lumen, 10 LED max setting. It also has two more modes, a low 4 LED stealth mode, and strobe HI-VIS/emergency mode.
  • COMFORTABLE & HANDS FREE: The heavy duty elastic head band is made for comfort, with a top strap allowing for a looser, yet more stable fit. The straps can be adjusted for sizing, and placement of the light, and the tilt feature can also be used to further adjust the light position.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Energy efficiency puts this headlamp ahead of the rest, ensuring that the headlamp stays dependably bright all night, and when you may need it most.
  • WATER RESISTANT: This headlamp is great all around, and especially great for outdoor applications as its water resistant. Great for rainy days or wet, damp weather.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: 3 AAA batteries are included with the headlamp. High energy efficiency ensures that the headlamp and batteries will always be ready to go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Cameron Cramer
Useful when fixing cars

My dad fixes a lot of cars during his spare time. I thought this might be a huge help, especially when his eyesight recently worsened.

Trevor Cohen
Good headlamp replacement

Our previous handlamp just stopped working a few weeks ago. This one seems like a good replacement. It's very bright, the head strap is comfortable, and it's lightweight.

Giuseppe Erickson

I got a defective unit. It didn't work after using different sets of batteries. I want a full refund if a replacement unit is not sent.

Sydney Parker
Practical and fun to use

I use it when I need to find something inside our shed which is located in the backyard. This thing is BRIGHT. It's lightweight and easy to carry. It's also fun to use compared to the handheld flashlight.

Henry Tanner
Good for work

It's our first headlamps, and boy, it's a gamechanger. We work at night and need some light to guide us with everything we do, these do it really well. Very effortless and doesn't have much weight at all.